Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Why does Michael Caine fall down?

This comic's sister is over on Aoife's lovely blog. We need more facebook chat themed comics.

Really not crazy about this but in my defense I have no access to a scanner right now so I'll fix this up proper when I get back home. Might even get the balls to ink it in....

Sunday, July 3, 2011


And while we're at it, here's a few screens from my short BERNIE which will hopefully be ready to upload soon enough.

For now, my end of year film from last year CAT is up on my Vimeo page which is linked to at the side.

I like very simple titles.

5. Pascal

Pascal from Zombie Bashers played by prestigious actor Cathal Cheunt, famous for his roles in Braineater and Dead Meat.

So after almost a year's abscene, it's time to add on to this struggling character challenge. I drew this last year at the height of my Zombie Bashers fandom but after a botched experiment with filters, I was reluctant to post it. Finding it now, I'm only slightly less hesitant but I'll put it up anyways.

If you haven't watched this entire web series already then do so. The fellas who make it are even lovely chaps.

Who you gonna call?...Zombie Bashers...Well, give em a text but they mightn't have any credit...

Judge Dogg

Just had a look around the blogs I follow and noticed a lot of them (two) had a picture of Judge Dredd. I did this.

It was for one my mum's co-workers.

Showreel 2011

There is my showreel.

Music by the living legend Matt Berry.

I shook his hand once and told him he was great. He asked me "Are the band playing upstairs any good?". I said I didn't know. It was pretty incredible.

If I ever finish my top 20 characters Todd Rivers will make an appearance.

Been prettay bare...

I've neglected the blog. I am sorry. Time for the empty summer promises of updates!...Seriously I will update.